October 16-18, 2009
  The Baird E. Haney is one of the longest continuously running tournaments on the competitive junior circuit. Drawing players from diverse locations, such as Boston, Philadelphia, Portland, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Atlanta, 200 top U.S. Junior Squash players compete over three days at three venues. A premier USSRA event, it has grown to become the inaugural event of the competitive junior national squash season as a result of its consistent placement on the tournament calendar. It attracts top players and their families due not only to its tradition and longevity, but also because of its unique location in an upscale urban neighborhood-which offers a friendly atmosphere to out-of-towners. The tournament was founded in memory of Baird E. Haney, a former Heights Casino Pro killed tragically in an auto accident.  
Note to Players and Families:
  Please register at your designated venue of play 30 minutes prior to your first match and please make sure that you arrive at least 30 minutes before all your other matches, in case the tournament runs ahead of schedule.  
  Please pay attention to which venue your match is scheduled for, as you may be playing at different venues throughout the weekend.  
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